Current: Freelance Photo + Videographer
Sometimes: Foodstylist
Love: eucalyptus trees, pink skies over Berlin
Personal goal: travel to Japan

Mini resume: 
Co-founder of analog/digital creative agency slo stories
Co-founder and Creative Producer at Havêa
Former photo editor at Majestic Casual
Former photography assistant for Anne Deppe
B.A. Graduate from the BTK - University of Applied Sciences Europe in Photography. 

Havêa is about the feeling of nostalgia. Inspired by romanticized childhood memories, it's about capturing a specific feeling, like the one of returning somewhere from the past.

Please feel free to contact me for requests and collaborations:

selected Clients / Publications:
The Journalgarden, Majestic Casual, Lekker Collective, Kindsgut, Flow Magazin, StilGut, hygge Magazin

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